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Post-Surgical Massage Treatment

Post-Surgical Massage is an essential component to healing and recovery after surgery. During surgery muscles and tissues endure necessary manhandling, and Post-Surgical Massage Treatment can speed recovery and reduce if not eliminate pain and/or inflammation that occurs after surgery.

A decent Post-Surgical Massage Treatment will: 
 – Improve healing and recovery
 – Prevent subcutaneous fibrosis following liposuction
 – Reduce pain and/or inflammation
 – Diminish the appearance of bruises

A complete Post-Surgical Massage Treatment consists of multiple sessions comprising ultrasound, massage and lymphatic drainage, each factor significantly contributes to post-surgical recuperation. Ultrasound therapy, significantly decreases inflammation and increases the possibility of tightening of the skin. Massage and lymphatic drainage improves circulation allowing for the diminishing of bruising, releases accumulated liquid, and reducing post-surgical swelling and pain

Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite can be stubborn and difficult to remedy, but with a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan containing diet consultation, massage therapy, lymphatic therapy, ultrasound therapy, ultra-cavitation therapy, radiofrequency, Medsculpt and carboxytherapy it is possible to notably reduce the dimpling appearance of skin. Treatment usually consist of multiple sessions aiming to remove excess fluid, increase collagen repair, decrease localized fatty deposits, and improve skin elasticity.

Carboxytherapy and Massage

Carboxytherapy is the subcutaneous (under the skin) application of carbon dioxide gas, a treatment generally known to improve skin elasticity, improve circulation, and increase collagen repair and decrease fatty deposits. The combination of Carboxytherapy with massages allows for the elimination of accumulated liquids and the improvement skin tone and body circulation.

Relaxation Massage

Massages targeted to promote relaxation have many benefits, such as:

Improves skin tone and appearance
Improves peripheral circulation
Improve gastrointestinal motility
Decrease stress related symptoms
Decrease cortisol, the stress hormone
Decrease blood pressure (for a while)
Reduce muscle tension, including tension headaches

Relaxation massages focuses on a large area of the body including back, legs, arms and neck. Relaxation Massage is intended to improve circulation, minor muscle pains, and promote a more relaxing state of being.

Sports Massage Therapy**

Athletes of all levels, from novice to expert, can benefit from Sports Massage Therapy. This treatment is personalized concentrating on the areas that are most overused and stressed do to repetitive and aggressive movements. Sports Massage Therapy can be utilized for pre-event preparation in order to reduce recovery time.

Sports Massage Therapy can:

Promotes flexibility
Decreases risk of injury
Improves endurance
Reduces Post-Workout recovery time
Offers balance to raining regime

 ** Possibly pair it up with PRP for joint pain

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