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Men and Women Are Choosing Neck Lift City of Doral, Miami

31 December 2019

Both men and women choose to get neck lifts for various reasons. Older people tend to get sagging skin on their necks, and it makes them appear older. Younger people also decide to get neck lift surgery because their skin hangs due to genetics. Those that have lost a considerable amount of weight can also have loose skin on their necks. If you choose a doctor that can provide the best Neck lift Miami has to offer, the risk of neck lift scars are quite minimal.

Remove That Turkey Neck

That turkey-like hanging fold of skin is probably one of the primary culprits why people choose to get a neck lift surgery. Losing elasticity in the skin is what causes this. Old age, smoking, a poor diet, and sunlight exposure can contribute to your turkey neck. Luckily, this problem is easily corrected with minor skin surgeries. The neck lift cost will depend on the severity of the sagging skin and if other treatments will need to be applied.

Having A Fat Neck

Many people who have neck issues may mistake excess fat for being loose skin. Your double chin may also be treatable by a neck lift procedure. Liposuction may be applied first to remove fat from the area. Afterward, the lift procedure can take care of the excess skin.

Getting Rid Of Wrinkles with Neck Lift Miami

Having tight skin in the neck will get rid of unwanted wrinkles to make you look younger. It may need to be combined with other facial skin surgeries for it to have a full effect on your lines.

Expected Recovery Time for Neck Lift Miami

Doctors will recommend that most people wait two weeks before returning to their daily lives’ after such a drastic procedure. Bruising and swelling are expecting for at least a few weeks as well. The tight feeling in your neck should subside within less than a year. Some people may recover faster or slower, depending on their age and health.

Statistics Show That It Is In Style to have a Neck Lift Miami

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery had collected surgery statistics in 2015. Their results had shown that there was a 17% increase in people having the procedure in that year alone. One of the causes maybe because of our constant neck position being downward using our smartphones and laptops. Looking at beautiful people in social media also makes us want to desire to have perfect refined necks and jawlines.